Thursday, 30 June 2011

Showtime, my first exhibition

Before i forgot : 

If you are in London this week-end, I will be showcasing my work at the Victoria House.
It will start on Friday 1st of July and finish on Sunday 4th. 

Have look at my ShowTime profile if you don't have the chance to come over.

If you can make it , follow the link Here.

The private view is tomorrow night...*Good night* xxx

From our heads, through our hearts, to your eyes, see our love


My first exhibition :


End of a chapter.

Here is a post with some of the work have done the past 2 years.
It's been a long way.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

AW11/12 is already here

I was at tje library last month, and suddently i saw my shoes! What a good suprise, i remember the journalist coming in on the stand last january, but i totally forgot abour it, untill last friday. The magazine is really good and give a accurate overview on Aw2011/11. It's one of the best professionnal magazine operating in the shoes industry. Winter is not here yet, but you better believe that it's fur that you gonna need my friends, wether you like it or not. Enjoy summertime untill you can xxx
La Botte Gardiane boots are definitely the nicest.

Little Black Dress by Asos

Here we are,
First post-study week-end of  my life. Sight.
I am looking for the little black dress that will covered my shoulder just enought to keep it smart and professionnal just in case..
Here is my Selection 

Selection from Asos -
To wear with Russell & Bromley loafers (love them). Like the a real english girl as Alexandra Chung-

I wait a bit before I show you my last project, "Between light and Shadow", I broke my camera and I couldnt make a proper photoshooting. the shoes are fantastic though!!!