Sunday, 20 February 2011

Your Pretty Pumps

My current project is for an English hight-street retailer.
The purpose is to design the iconic ballet pump collection for SS12 that will make you feel
as pretty and graceful as a Ballerina.

Ballerina shoes have a peculiar look, like no other shoes. and so does the feet of the dancer.

Brigitte Bardot is one of the first image that come to my mind when talking about ballerina.French icon, all wrapped in  the atmosphere of Libération. The freedom and the lightness of being of the end of the 60's.
The possibility of mouvment, the nouvelle vague rebellion. Holidays on the sea. Far from the white London sky that I see trhough the window.

Back to the ballerina.
It's a great challenge to make a ballerina collection, as it is a classic in the women wardrobe. I myself own 3 pairs of them + one that I made this winter with sheep fur inside

Previous Project for Vanessa Bruno SS12 Fan Ballerina 
 Tinker Bell Fairy Fan

The leather on the outside is waterproof  with this incredible color kind of caramel, with a lovely patin, changing as I wear them- and the pompom is naturally tanned wool from Peru.

                                              London Saturday on Broadway Markett.
                                                                      CopCopine Dress
                                                                     Petit Bateau Wool Legging
                                                                    Gloves, Belts and Ballerina
                                                                    are in shearling  made by me

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