Sunday, 27 February 2011

London Fashion Docu


   ////Here///    is the link of this 70 min doc about Alexander McQueen and his Muse, 
the eccentric Isabella Blow. It was on Tv this week and I missed it. I thought I might not be the only one..
An inside View of one of most controversial  English designer of my generation.
Naturally, the story is based in Paris, Milan and East London.
Tragedy in Familiar places.
He was 40 years old.

Alexander Mc Queen and Isabella Blow -  photographie : David.La Chapelle

*R.IP *
by Vogue

More about *here

Perfect lace, Valentino Ballerina

 Once again, it's all about details, and for this Valentino is good.The detail on the leather  is fine and detailled. With the laser cut, that start be very popular you can do more; It open the filds of the creativity and we see those beautiful shoes.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Music Monarchic

Not the best video / I couldn't find better -shame on Youtube / /  /  But the sound. 
With Kitsuné,  Monarchy  rules.

*Good night*

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Make a bow or 3

Marc Jacobs bow Sandals
I could have said make a wish , but no, it's all about the bow.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Premieres Vision Pluriel & Liberty fabric

It was all about walking really. Walk a lot, sit a bit,walk again,  drink enought, ate at some point. The time is out of space and there are some much things to see... I bring back a lots of skins, leather, buckle tassel, medal, ribbon. I don't think i need to go to Lineapelle in Bologna in april after that. It's a huge fair that worth the look, at least once .

 Have a look on the premiere vision pluriel site for more information.There are 6 fairs grouped in one.
Trends Zone, Première Vision
You can see the tower of color representing  the color, yes,  for next summer, it's blu, it's pink, it's red, it's Lavande and yellow, and grey and all thoses nuances.

At the Liberty's Fabric stand, you  have to queue.
You can see :
let's say, 25 commercials talking many different languages, taking order without discontinuity. I was really impress by the popularity of the brand.I you can see queue.Finally I got a sit, after two minty liberty sweets and a charm that rocks?. I had a double view of all their new collection and I was blow out - some of their designs are magics!
Liberty Fabric is all about the History that they have and the tradition that they keep going on.
You can buy Liberty Fabrics through their website.For SS09  I made collection  using Liberty Fabrics. You can see some of the shoes here. It was for Child and mum. Let me know what do you think of it.
Liberty rocks.

Big design or small pointillist curve, there is all you want at Liberty.

So nice and So Blue and so Red, and Yellow - So Nude. Sweet 70's.

Classic Collection- Liberty's fabric

Cotton, Linen and woven fabrics
I really like these fabric, they had plenty, but those are the one were by eyes stopped.
What Am i going to do with it is secret!

I like this fabric very much and i can't wait to use it. The touch is very woody and soft. It is actually "cotton enduit", which mean waterproof .The cotton is ethically sourced.What else?
The decrease of increase of the cotton price on the market.but it's complicated.

That's it for my 2 days walk in Première Vision Pluriel. I spend a good time at Première Vision, Modeamont et Le Cuir a Paris. Well done Everybody. and see you at the next session!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Transparent Rain

Sinon, à part ça, beeeen…Il pleut said Miss Doré.London, Love of my life,
Whatever the temperature outside, the sky is all white always.
I wish I lied.I wish.
                    Summer D-28

Is it gonna change? the answer is

Lacing or not lacing.

Debrief of the day :

Here is the first preview of the mock up.

I have a crush on this star leather ,it take the light amazingly.Keep the lacing simple, as making an Oxford give much more less possibilities than an derby.
Give a twist in the cross cutted eyelet & positioning.
Et Voilà.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Notice the lacing

It's Ian that introduce me into lacing methods ( more than 2 millions of combinations possible!!!), Check Ian's shoes lace website, you will not be disapointed.
So I declare tomorrow Lacing day.
And I will lace my future pair of Derby like a ...Supernova. How cool is that?
i don't know yet to be honnest. all I know is that

This lacing method, like most decorative methods, is more difficult to tighten.
This method has the advantage that the top is like a V-neck tee-shirt.
Once the knot is untied, the top of the shoe can be opened wide to easily slip the foot in or out without needing to loosen or re-tighten all of the lacing.

 Lacing Technique 1 (for EVEN numbers of eyelet pairs):
1. The lace is run straight across and the ends are fed in through the set of eyelets just below the middle of the shoe (grey section).

2. The ends are crossed diagonally upwards on the inside and emerge through the next vacant set of eyelets up the shoe.

3. The ends are crossed diagonally downwards on the outside and are fed in through the next vacant set of eyelets down the shoe.

4. Repeat steps (2) and (3), each time crossing diagonally upwards on the inside or downwards on the outside, until both ends reach the top eyelets

 Lacing Technique 2 (for ODD numbers of eyelet pairs):
1. The lace is run straight across and the ends emerge through the middle set of eyelets (grey section).

2. The ends are crossed diagonally downwards on the outside and are fed in through the next vacant set of eyelets down the shoe.

3. The ends are crossed diagonally upwards on the inside and emerge through the next vacant set of eyelets up the shoe.

4. Repeat steps (2) and (3), each time crossing diagonally downwards on the outside or upwards on the inside, until both ends reach the top eyelets.

 et voilà!
A perfect example of Supernova Adidas.
 What is your favorite one? lacing!!                               

Ballet Fashion's latest Love Affair

I really like the last cover of stylish magazine

BaBa Ballerina -

Here is an extract of some ballerina that came to my eyes. Yesterday night I dreamt about it. and there was a lots more... a ballet in the air.

Moonwalk Only


  Well, I would wear them for Michael .  R.I.P

Whipping Shoes by Isabelle Chiariott.
Hand-made évidemment.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

MMM is in the air

Tomorrow I will have a lunch with my a very good friend. Transport make thing so easy sometimes, she just comes for the day in London, Angel MMM send her to me, well she came especially  for me  for Kate Moss but that's another story. *Crazy Baby*.

Talking about Margiela I saw those boots the other day...and
I just decided to start a wish list, so here we are angel !

 Item 1 : shoes obviously.
Those biutiful Martin Martin Margiela new boots! or wedge or the word are missing, see:
The detail on the leather is mesmerising.
The color of the lining add a effortless chic.

"J'adore, J'adhere".

Sweet Monday

night night

Your Pretty Pumps

My current project is for an English hight-street retailer.
The purpose is to design the iconic ballet pump collection for SS12 that will make you feel
as pretty and graceful as a Ballerina.

Ballerina shoes have a peculiar look, like no other shoes. and so does the feet of the dancer.

Brigitte Bardot is one of the first image that come to my mind when talking about ballerina.French icon, all wrapped in  the atmosphere of Libération. The freedom and the lightness of being of the end of the 60's.
The possibility of mouvment, the nouvelle vague rebellion. Holidays on the sea. Far from the white London sky that I see trhough the window.

Back to the ballerina.
It's a great challenge to make a ballerina collection, as it is a classic in the women wardrobe. I myself own 3 pairs of them + one that I made this winter with sheep fur inside

Previous Project for Vanessa Bruno SS12 Fan Ballerina 
 Tinker Bell Fairy Fan

The leather on the outside is waterproof  with this incredible color kind of caramel, with a lovely patin, changing as I wear them- and the pompom is naturally tanned wool from Peru.

                                              London Saturday on Broadway Markett.
                                                                      CopCopine Dress
                                                                     Petit Bateau Wool Legging
                                                                    Gloves, Belts and Ballerina
                                                                    are in shearling  made by me