Thursday, 31 March 2011

My shoes in French Elle

For several seasons now I design the collections of La Botte they are in the French Elle.

If you want to have a closer look play the video.
If you want to buy sandal, go on La Botte Gardiane website 
the collection of sandal is huge for men and women even for child.
*It's a wee shoes paradise* and all the shoes are made in France, the leather used ( in the shoe pic) is from France as well. and you can visit the factory if you pass by.Privilege : I will give you a tour if you come in july.
See you there!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Zoomorphic Collection - Emma Hawkins

 Emma Hawkins, passionate taxidermist was co-curator of the 2010 Hawkins Zoomorphic Collection exhibit in London. Put together in association with her father J.B. Hawkins, a 40-year-veteran of the antique industry, the collection contains over 200 animal objects, from hummingbird jewelry to a bull head snuff box. Here Emma shows off some prime examples of functional and entertaining taxidermy that has lasted into the 21st century.

Now that I saw the video, and I would like to know where and when this take/has taken place.
Hopefully I am going to find more about it.
Emma Hawkins is very enthusiatic about those object, and i wish i saw this incredible animal collection. She has a shop in London that I need to have a look at!,
"With its mixture of taxidermy and curios, Emma's shop, Hawkins & Hawkins, is a miniature Natural History Museum-cum-props cupboard. Her aim was to recreate a Victorian cabinet of curiosities; a room set aside for collections of scientific or cultural interest, covering anything from fossils to stuffed animals and natural history drawings" says the Independant. fifteen years ago lol-hopefully the shop still exist !
Some images picked up from her website. Looking at her website, i feel a bit uncomfortable and sad for those poor animals.but I still want to have a look at her shop.

Early Elephant stick stand, with Ceylonese wood carved top. Circa 1900.

An unusual example of the modern with old: a Victorian polished turtle shell, on a later jewellery box, made by Stephen Owen. Circa 1970.

Hawkins & Hawkins, 201 Westbourne Grove, London W11 (0171-221 5218). Wed-Sat 10.30-5pm.

Old School Shoes story : Nom&Ada

                  Bi-continental shoe company Nom&Ada is named after its two founders: The "nomadic" Rie Sawai in Tokyo and the "adaptable" Kimy Andrade in Portland.
The two met while studying design at Parsons in NYC and remained close friends after graduating in 2004. Five years later they met halfway between their two homes in Hawaii, and when inspiration struck over iced Kona coffee Nomadic was born.

"We offer quality footwear within the realm of capturing nostalgic means in our lives. We stand for timeless design. In appreciation for experiences had, we remember the past. Through our passion for travel, we search for the new. Both are the integral sources of inspiration that we bring to the NOM&ADA family. Our lighthearted, yet sustainable-inspired approaches are extensions of the diverse lifestyle we're a part of."

They chronicle their finds and inspirations on their blog, (I really like it) which they also write together. "Even though the majority of our conversation is business nowadays, we find a moment or two to catch up on girl talk," they said.

 The crepe-soled leather sandals are handmade in Japan and come in black, white and camel—with the camel available with both white and flamingo stitching. They sell online for $260.
Thanks to adrienne so for the discovery.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Rachel Beagley and her New Kid Shoes

Hi everyone,
The summer finally arrived in London and Rachel Beagley shoes matches perfectly this nice and warm days.Practical and classic with catchy colour and perfect details.
My favourite are those one.
A perfect mixture between a sandal and a loafer/ballerina the best way to in sunny London Town .
Simple loafer shape, in patent leather with the leaves laser cut.(-they exist in red as well).

Rachel was sold at urban outfitters last season and she is getting bigger and bigger. Surely, the little Italian factory where the shoes are made is recruiting at the moment!
*Keep walking*
The SS11 look book is an Italian romance (as there are shoes for men as well) ,by the sea sight with a vintage resonance.

The shoes on the last picturs are stocked on gargyle website and you can buy them for $208 (=an affordable price in €). If you want to learn more about the brand go on their website here.
I will explore a bit of ondon for you in my future post as I spend my days in lovely places like Columbia road, Brradway market, Brick Lane. Living in London is amazing and I love my neighbourhood so much that it deserves a post or 2 or 10..

Good evening folks.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Late March, Avril Gau !

I feel summer / I need a bag.   
Avril Gau
You haven't heard about her yet, 
well, you will for sure!
I meet her a couple of years ago when she was producing her shoes in France and had the opportunity to have a backstage look at all her work for several seasons. It's was a great and inspiring!
Last winter she opened her own boutique in Saint Germain des Près, in Paris.

Today I am delighted to show you my crush and her SS11 collection,
it's a beautiful!

This bag is designed by Avril Gau, an accessories designer that create effortless chic shoes, bags gloves.. She used work with Karl Lagarfield designing the shoes for Chanel before she sets up her own Label in 2002. I like her universe and inspiration from the French cinema of the 60's 70's 60's.

She creates also very nice shoes, using very good quality leather. You can be sure that your shoes are going to be nice also when they will get older.

She is not only a great designer, she is also a citizen engaged in the politics,  Go Green!!
If you can,  go to her boutique, it's absolutly lovely inside and Isabelle, pictured below, is so sweet and nice.

Have a look at her website and buy online here.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wabi Sabi - Word of the day

Have you ever heard about this word?
Wabi sabi is a Japanese word that is about aesthetic.
This young man captured perfectly the wabi sabi spirit. Why ?
Wabi Sabi aesthetic 

One shoes from YSL AW11

Yves Saint Laurent collection is amazing, I mean the entire collection. It's white it's black it's purple, transparent, fluffy, mixed with feather and fur. Very elegant.

What else? YSL shoes it look like nespresso capsul  =), more seriously the shoes give kind of a " manga supa powa" to the silhouette. It works perfectly with the total black look.

Ô my Oxford

Et Voilà! 
Done, the oxford that I was talking about  //here//  
is finished  and  out.

Happy Day!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What you should know about (women and shoes)

Monday reading!

“ShopSmart” magazine just released the results of a survey on American women and shoes. 
Online shoe buying is in : 29% of women shop for shoes online.  Four years ago, only 14% of women shopped for shoes on the Internet.

The average woman now owns 17 pairs of shoes, which is down from 19 pairs four years ago.
Of those 17 pairs of shoes, the average woman only regularly wears 3 of comment.

The average woman purchases three pairs a year and spends $49 on each pair.

14% of women have lied to their husband about at least one shoe purchase.
 39% of women say their favorite type of shoes are flats.
Only 8% of women wear heels that are over two-and-a-half inches.
48% of women have had a shoe-related injury . . . 24% have actually fallen because of their high heels.

A lots of truth in this survey...
We have to much shoes Mesdames!!! check out those Chanel, un vrai bijou / un true jewell !!!


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Atalanta Weller - A/W11

Atalanta is one of the those designer as her place in the New Generation of British Designer.
She is an artist. I get the chance to immerge in her world.
I was her assistant for 6 months last year, from designing to making  the highest shoes ever for Craig Lawrence . From London Fashion Week  to going to Fair show in Italy, it was a great experience.

This post present her new collection.
Her bicolor wedge is going be a hit for sure.

Weather you like or not, Atalanta Rock!!!

Her AW11 winter has an  range of colour, really focused, almost austère, with neutral colors such as camel and black, and abstract animalism. Always hightly structured and architectural
Furtiristic cow boy girl, with a crazy wedge, this is for You
You can buy her current collection  in asos market place! So go for it and treat yourself

Fannie Schiavoni collaboration
My favorite so far are the ankle wedge made with the very talented jewellery designer Fannie Schiavoni. Check her website,you will need every piece of the collection!!

The sharp eyes Suzanna Lau from Style bubble came to visit the studio last year,  so if you want to have a look at Atalanta's universe and have a peak at the studio, you go here.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.
Hopefully, I will have the patience to add some pic, like the Craig Laurence Show, some picture of the London Fashion Week of September 2010 and may be more about Atalanta.

Spotted on  Kim Howells blog.
*Happy Sunday*


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Vanessa Bruno SS11 Shoes Collection

 She makes timeless clothes
let it go
for her shoes collection,
Especially this summer.

This sandal is so far my favourite.
I might have lived in ancient Greece in an other life...I would wear sandal all day of year if I could!
The pastel colours give an avant-gout of summer time.
You can imagine then with  new pastel nail polish on ... I can't wait for the sun to come, not sure that it will happen in London. Anyway  the sandal my favourite.

The ballerina is nice too, I like the pattern , a mix between graphic-ethnic with once again cool colours.

 I like the minimalist look, and the decorative stiching.

I like green, we don't see that colour very often in shoes, and the panther printed  so fashion at the moment. This shoes should be a commercial success!
What about those now?
it's too much.
Too flashy, too shiny, it looks cheap

This one remind me of the kind of "Cheesy taste de Vuitton last year. It's a bit too much for me.

I would like to see then on someone, eventually i could change my mind about those boots(as well). The pattern is nice, and fresh but the "ensemble" doesn't look that right- at all.for me.

I am really like  this brand. Bruno -that's her name, like Fanny is my name- used to work for Isabel Marant before setting up her own Label. She recently start to make some video for her collection, and it refresh her style so nice and sleek. My favorite video is the one from last summer.

I Love it, I love to watch it.You should watch it too!
It's an absolute Bijou. link below.           

Lou Doillon

It's with the actress Lou Doillon (V Bruno Muse) you know, the daughter of Jane Birkin and the sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg ... -I stop the french gossip before it start.

Oh and I finished my Oxford today! It's really cute.
picture coming soon!!!

Video Vanessa Bruno : clic on    Le Bel été 

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Oxford in progress

Back to the Oxford shoe that I am making at the moment.
Now the insole is (made) and attached to the upper. You can notice the asymmetry in the lacing.
If you have an accurate eye, you can see the hand stiching cross of the tongue.  I hate when the tongue doesn't stay in the middle.

Coming soon:  the heel, the sole.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cosmic Girl

 Setareh Mohtarez is a remarkable designer. The print and the color palette make all her collection called"BRIGHTNESS DAWN COLLECTION"so different from anything else.
I would love to see this cosmic dress moving. This is pure beauty for the eyes.
I am not that keen on the shoes, nevertheless it enhance the silhouette giving a doll effect.
Très pretty.
 Launching of the on-line boutique coming soon.
Oyester Magazine, March 2010

Boots for a Summer in London

I love that natural colour that get better through time. The fact that they are hand-made in Portugal.
We don't know which leather is used, it's probably calf.
They are really nice with the strap details.Do you agree?

You can only buy them online for £255, on Urban Outfitters website  here is the link.