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French Culture sans confiture,

French version followed by english version.

Once upon a time in Carmargue...

C’est à la demande du Marquis de Baroncelli que Paul Herman, à la fois peintre et sculpteur, a créé en 1924 la croix de Camargue, qui associe symboliquement les gardians et les pêcheurs,  On l’appelle aussi Croix des gardians.
La croix, posée sur une ancre, exprime trois symboles :
la croix représente la foi commune aux deux corporations,

le cœur central représente la charité ou l’amour
l’ancre représente l’espérance.
On retrouve cette croix dans toutes les authentiques demeures camarguaises, mais elle est moins connue dans le reste de la France.
Pourtant cette croix illustre parfaitement une phrase de la Bible dans la 1ère Lettre de St Paul aux Corinthiens: Maintenant, ces trois choses demeurent : la foi, l'espérance et l'amour ; mais la plus grande des trois, est l'amour.
Savez-vous pourquoi l’ancre symbolise l’espérance ? Non pas parce qu’elle représente l’instrument indispensable aux marins et aux pêcheurs. Mais parce que la Bible (à nouveau elle !) appelle l’espérance l’ancre de l’âme. Lorsque tout est agité autour de nous, comme la mer en furie,  nous nous agrippons à l’espérance jusqu’à la fin de la tempête, certains que le calme reviendra et que le meilleur nous attend.
C’est pourquoi la Croix de Camargue mérite d’être portée en bijou ou d’être utilisée en broderie. Voilà, c'est finis!

                                              ///English version///

Camargue is an area in the south of France, just at the border of the Mediterranean Sea , where there is the estuary of a very large river called the Rhone . So there is much water everywhere, and wild bulls are brought up there, looked after by cowboys called guardians who ride horses.  They carry tridents to push the bulls.
There is a cross called Cross of Camargue or Cross of the Gardians.
This cross was designed in 1924 by a painter who also was a sculptor. He united the symbols of the gardians and of the fishers, both important jobs in the area.
The cross of Camargue joins 3 symbols :

-          the cross symbolizing faith
-          the heart symbolizing love and charity
-          the anchor symbolizing hope.
The first time this cross was erected on a monument was in 1930 in a little village of Camargue. Now there are many crosses used in jewellery. You may not find such a cross outside the south of France, but in all genuine house of Camargue.

Yet this cross perfectly symbolizes a verse of the Bible, written by St Paul :These three remain ; faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13.13
Do you know why the anchor symbolizes hope? Not because fishers and boatmen use it, but because the Bible says that hope is an anchor for the soul. When life is rough like the sea, we clutch at hope till peace and quietness come back.

Summertime London 2011

 Michiko Koshino - Iconic Fashion Designer - 
Based between Ibiza and London she has become known as one of the Queens of Club Culture & Design.
Her affinity with club culture has caused Michiko Koshino to become a popular choice for many musicians and stars around the world including members of The Prodigy, The Spice Girls, Placebo, Natalie Imbruglia, Jodie Kidd, Dermot O’Leary, All Saints, and Denise Van Outen.
She presented this year her first cruise collection full of color, delicate silk and beautiful shoes!

Here is a glimpse Alternative Footwear et Cruise Collection 11 that we made last summer.
It was in the amazing space of the studio 54, in London. Sun shinning, lunch in the park, late nights, fors days. It was a lots of light and darkness, a lots of energy, a lots of tea. Amazing time.

To read more about her check her website or have look on wikipédia.

It's a shame you can't get the playsiaylist. it's was WOW. they live in Ibiza, and with them, you get the right vibe.

 Dicussing colors style  making timing and everything with Silja Maninnen the Womenswear Designer.
Phase 1: In the basket.
Phase 2 :  in the drawer.
Apple time !

one of the 25 pairs

Michiko and Chris Barker associate and Artistic Director, Ibiza.

Bref mais intense. Le WOW Effect.

I told you!!

 Etonnant, non?

 The full range of Simone's footwear is for sale at John Rocha's Dover Street store.  One more excuse to pop in for a gander like would say Suzanna Lau.

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