Thursday, 10 March 2011

Vanessa Bruno SS11 Shoes Collection

 She makes timeless clothes
let it go
for her shoes collection,
Especially this summer.

This sandal is so far my favourite.
I might have lived in ancient Greece in an other life...I would wear sandal all day of year if I could!
The pastel colours give an avant-gout of summer time.
You can imagine then with  new pastel nail polish on ... I can't wait for the sun to come, not sure that it will happen in London. Anyway  the sandal my favourite.

The ballerina is nice too, I like the pattern , a mix between graphic-ethnic with once again cool colours.

 I like the minimalist look, and the decorative stiching.

I like green, we don't see that colour very often in shoes, and the panther printed  so fashion at the moment. This shoes should be a commercial success!
What about those now?
it's too much.
Too flashy, too shiny, it looks cheap

This one remind me of the kind of "Cheesy taste de Vuitton last year. It's a bit too much for me.

I would like to see then on someone, eventually i could change my mind about those boots(as well). The pattern is nice, and fresh but the "ensemble" doesn't look that right- at all.for me.

I am really like  this brand. Bruno -that's her name, like Fanny is my name- used to work for Isabel Marant before setting up her own Label. She recently start to make some video for her collection, and it refresh her style so nice and sleek. My favorite video is the one from last summer.

I Love it, I love to watch it.You should watch it too!
It's an absolute Bijou. link below.           

Lou Doillon

It's with the actress Lou Doillon (V Bruno Muse) you know, the daughter of Jane Birkin and the sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg ... -I stop the french gossip before it start.

Oh and I finished my Oxford today! It's really cute.
picture coming soon!!!

Video Vanessa Bruno : clic on    Le Bel été 

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