Friday, 19 August 2011

Telle est ma devise.

I recently re-dicovered the joy of internet shopping with Amazon.
and cheers me up with.6 books in 10days,
Its fantastic. I am totally amaze by this temple of books.

I start to become a bookaholic, reading 3 in the same time, spending hours choosing them.
Here is just a extract of one that I received yesterday I picked up randomly:
the page 235 and I read out.

"Power is a privilege, not a right.
You have to use it in the services of others-
or lose it.
You have to have the interests of the institution of heart,
not you own celebrity or ambition.
Power demand integrity.
The role of power is to have the courage to decide - to influence -
 and then to take responsability for the consequences"
Anne Mulcahy

I wanted to share it with you.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Recent work

I was recently in charge of Michiko Koshino footwear range for her Catwalk Show - Designer Michiko Koshino and stylist Chris Baker present the SS12 Michiko Koshino Studio 74 collection last Friday 12th of August , in Ibiza.
Michiko Koshino is an Osaka, Japan born fashion designer. One of three famous designers in the Koshino family, Michiko’s siblings include Hiroko Koshino and Junko Koshino
If you want to know more about her, there is a link here
 In her design we can see Japaneses influences in the cutting – like origami. It’s kaftans and kimonos, things you can’t really wear around the streets of London – completely different to urban wear. The shoes are meant to walk on yatchts and white sand beaches.
Every single piece is different because it’s all hand made and hand printed. A lot of it is made using just one square of fabric, whether silk or muslin, and you can wear it and wrap it many ways. There are strings so you can ruche it, play with it and detachable silk scarves that can be buttoned on and off. "Its so versatile, and perfect for Ibiza where everything here is like a show – people dress up to go everywhere, not just the clubs, but to the beach as well. They love all the lights, the atmosphere – it’s electric".
Michiko Designer and Chris, Artistic Director

Here is a glance of fun and fashion from Michiko, the unexpected the Studio 54, in London.

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Fitting Session
Dancing  shoes

Stylish Hippy-Bondagy-Bling-Bling Spatiate