Sunday, 24 July 2011

My first exhibition *Big Time*

Amis du soir, Bonsoir,

I invite you to listen Lena Malmborg, A change is coming

while reading the longest post i have ever writen so far.

On his  Bloody Saturday night, Sunday 24th of July,
Events of the day : Amy Winehouse this Saturday 23rd of July 2011, while one of the biggest tragedy was going on in Norway- A crazy man killed more than 90 people.
And the life goes on.
Thank you for sharing your music and your voice

Her voice is part of the soudtrack of my life,
Of my London years,
and beyond and after.
Rest in Peace.

My First Exhibition  took place in London a couple of week ago, and was running for 4days and 5 nights.

From photography to performance,
From Make Up Artist and Hair stylist to Models, photographer, Stylist, Journalist, . Graphist, Performer, Footwear designer, Bags Maker, Tayloring, Swimear, Womenswear, Catwalk show. The exhibition was an overview of  the diversity of London College of Fashion, Diversity and talent that just Graduated.

It's was quite impressive.
You can find the portfolio of all the student on Showtime

The private View was Amazing!!

Here you can see me With the Guru Scarf of Liberty Lauranne Plat

I am laughing inside..can you see it, with champagne hidden, of course..

It was really great time from the begining untill the end. Thank you to those who came along and Big Big up for the college that organise this Event!.

The lovely Ana Bags, product designer from Amsterdam - inspired by Rollercoaster.

Eva Retka - I love Scandinavian Design, Especially Shoes, and Eva collection drive my wild!!!  you can fin her on NJAL website

Claire Davis Heels on the first plan 
Vasileios Kalamidas, My dear compagnon de voyage et ses incroyables créatures.

I wish you a brilliant carreer in Footwear and Artefact, your shoes are simply Incredible.

Felipe Simoes beautifully handcrafted men shoes

Have a break and Take a pause.

Hyun Jung , you can call her Jay made delightfull shoes,  with very interesting pattern cutting shapes and a perfectly molded heel. WOW!

**Love it**

Incredible design and Amazing color for  Samuel Way  : A grown up is a child with layers on

Stunning collection by Chloé Stanyon 

Jimmy Show award prize - Min Song minimalistic Footwear

Sandra McLean ingenuily constructed heels

to see the rest of the exhibition, turn the page