Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Premieres Vision Pluriel & Liberty fabric

It was all about walking really. Walk a lot, sit a bit,walk again,  drink enought, ate at some point. The time is out of space and there are some much things to see... I bring back a lots of skins, leather, buckle tassel, medal, ribbon. I don't think i need to go to Lineapelle in Bologna in april after that. It's a huge fair that worth the look, at least once .

 Have a look on the premiere vision pluriel site for more information.There are 6 fairs grouped in one.
Trends Zone, Première Vision
You can see the tower of color representing  the color, yes,  for next summer, it's blu, it's pink, it's red, it's Lavande and yellow, and grey and all thoses nuances.

At the Liberty's Fabric stand, you  have to queue.
You can see :
let's say, 25 commercials talking many different languages, taking order without discontinuity. I was really impress by the popularity of the brand.I you can see queue.Finally I got a sit, after two minty liberty sweets and a charm that rocks?. I had a double view of all their new collection and I was blow out - some of their designs are magics!
Liberty Fabric is all about the History that they have and the tradition that they keep going on.
You can buy Liberty Fabrics through their website.For SS09  I made collection  using Liberty Fabrics. You can see some of the shoes here. It was for Child and mum. Let me know what do you think of it.
Liberty rocks.

Big design or small pointillist curve, there is all you want at Liberty.

So nice and So Blue and so Red, and Yellow - So Nude. Sweet 70's.

Classic Collection- Liberty's fabric

Cotton, Linen and woven fabrics
I really like these fabric, they had plenty, but those are the one were by eyes stopped.
What Am i going to do with it is secret!

I like this fabric very much and i can't wait to use it. The touch is very woody and soft. It is actually "cotton enduit", which mean waterproof .The cotton is ethically sourced.What else?
The decrease of increase of the cotton price on the market.but it's complicated.

That's it for my 2 days walk in Première Vision Pluriel. I spend a good time at Première Vision, Modeamont et Le Cuir a Paris. Well done Everybody. and see you at the next session!

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