Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What you should know about (women and shoes)

Monday reading!

“ShopSmart” magazine just released the results of a survey on American women and shoes. 
Online shoe buying is in : 29% of women shop for shoes online.  Four years ago, only 14% of women shopped for shoes on the Internet.

The average woman now owns 17 pairs of shoes, which is down from 19 pairs four years ago.
Of those 17 pairs of shoes, the average woman only regularly wears 3 of them.no comment.

The average woman purchases three pairs a year and spends $49 on each pair.

14% of women have lied to their husband about at least one shoe purchase.
 39% of women say their favorite type of shoes are flats.
Only 8% of women wear heels that are over two-and-a-half inches.
48% of women have had a shoe-related injury . . . 24% have actually fallen because of their high heels.

A lots of truth in this survey...
We have to much shoes Mesdames!!! check out those Chanel, un vrai bijou / un true jewell !!!


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