Saturday, 15 October 2011

Greece, put your shoes on.

Quote of the day call, as a Préambule.
"Hello seeker! Now don't feel alone here in the New Age, because there's a seeker born every minute". Firesign Theater

Sometime, I think (apple) - that the Western economy will collapse and we'll be bartered to the Chinese as slaves to pay off our debts, and I am anxious that  earth will all collapse onto itself and disappear in a nano second.I breathe again.
Then I look at my sandal, and sink into the depth of the ancient Greek myths, 
those were, the gods and goddesses had their sandals made on
by a gifted sandal maker who enriched each pair with magical powers. Famous for having made the flying sandals for Hermes, the sandal maker also embellished them with his personal signature... a ‘golden wing’ buckle.
My sandals are in beautiful natural leather that ages beautifully with time and wear. they come from France and  I go there at the end of the month. I know the shortcut to  La Botte G   like my pocket  and i will have a glimpse at  and also see what they have in stock.. we will see- for the moment i imagine.
Images some time will c
Time to snoze 
Good luck and  Good night!

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